Dorian Gray - Restaurant Bistrot  

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The Dorian Gray Bistrot comes from the idea of ​​recreating the atmosphere of the times in which we found ourselves
all together in the good hall of the Grandmother,
where lunch was consumed for hours, wrapped in the nineteenth-century atmosphere of bookcases, globes, clocks, tea sets
and where a good liqueur or wine was tasted in company

The research on the historical notebooks of Novi Ligure and the precious recipe of the grandmother - novese for generations -
they allowed us to recover dishes of the culture and history of Novi Ligure,
a border kitchen between the French and Ligurian traditions.
An accurate cultural and literary research has instead provided a selection of recipes that have made the history of Old Europe,
from settings of novels by Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle,
with the use of particular spices and teas.

We use only selected ingredients; fruits and vegetables come from the "Orto del Merlo" in the Novesi countryside,
 fresh fish arrives daily from the Ligurian market thanks to the Pescheria Coccia, the meat is selected from Piedmont and France,
the snails are of the certified "La Spira" breeding of Tagliolo Monferrato.

The desserts and fresh pasta are strictly homemade, kneaded by hand as tradition dictates.

The winery of the wines points a lot on the territory, with a wide selection of Cortese di Gavi,
and the chance to taste them by the glass or to buy them in bottles
There is also a selection of Triple A natural wines

Victorian living room

The internal court

the tea route

The "Made in Italy" catering of chefs Andrea Ferrari and Lauraelena Pellegrini

The "Made in Italy" hospitality of our city