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From the memories of the true and historical menu of the Old Novi with its French influences, 
some of the dishes of the nineteenth-century tradition

Burgundy snails

9 Stewed snails with butter and parsley, baked in the shell

€ 10.00


Risotto and snails

Risotto with snails in creamed leeks and potatoes

€ 12.00

Snails skewers

Skewers of snails with chopped sage and lard on a cream of milk potatoes

€ 15.00


Taggiasche snails

Warm salad of stewed snails, with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, taggiasche olives and parsley

€ 12.00


Skewers of snails with sage and lard on cream of milk potatoes - € 15.00

Snails gnocchi

(Butalè id Lumase ncu j-iérbe ée tumate)

Gnocchi kneaded according to the historical recipe of Novi Ligure, to which the snails are added in the dough.

Everything is seasoned with simple fresh tomato blanched and thyme so as not to cover its taste.

Our snails come from certified breeding

"La Spira" of Tagliolo Monferrato