Dorian Gray - Restaurant Bistrot  

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Restaurant Bistrot

The tradition of European salons with its rustic nobility

a simple taste of the gone time that lives in the alchemies of the kitchen

Bistrot appetizers

To accompany a glass of wine ... ... without committing too much

Panissa d-Növe

Chickpea fried farinata typical of the Novi Ligure district

€ 4.00

Soft potatoes

Vegetarian potatoes and parmesan balls with marjoram

€ 6.00

Fried frogs

Frogs marinated and fried. recipe for novese notebooks

€ 9.00

Fried cod

Cod fritters like Grandma's recipe

€ 9.00



Fried anchovies

Anchovies fry in semolina crust, with parsley cream

€ 9.00



Salted cod with potatoes, pine nuts and Taggiasca olives

€ 9.00


Stewed Baby Octopus 

Ligurian stewed baby octopus and toasted bread with herbs

€ 10.00

The Octopus and ...

  Grilled octopus, carpaccio and crunchy tentacles

€ 12.00


Pasta and soup

Autumn Soup

Rice and chickpeas in broth of leeks and potatoes, with monkfish and sage 

€ 10.00


Spaghetti of the Caruggi

  Rustic spaghetti with cream of potatoes and basil, with toasted pine nuts and octopus

€ 10.00

Scampi and Pears Risotto

Risotto with scampi, pears, walnuts and marjoram

€ 12.00

Shrimp's Moons

Potato gnocchi stuffed with shrimps and ricotta, with sea stew

€ 14.00


… from the sea

The fresh fish is delivered by our trusted fish farm, Fratelli Coccia di Novi Ligure and comes directly from the Ligurian market


Calamari "Agatha Christie" 

Fried crispy calamari and grilled calamari with 3 creams: peppers, basil and anchovies

€ 15.00


Crunchy sea bream mandylins

Fillets of sea bream in semolina crust, burrata cream, pine nuts, sautéed escarole, raisins and anchovies

€ 14.00

Tuna in genovese sauce

Ligurian Tuna stew with roasted pine nuts, in mushroom and anchovy restriction

€ 15.00


Sea Wellington

cod filled wrapped in swordfish, with red peppers cream, baked in a pastry crust

€ 20.00

Grilled sea bream

Grilled sea bream, without bones, with a side dish to taste

€ 20.00



… Meat

Sliced "Old London"

Cold cuts of Italian pork butchers and mountain cheeses with fruit and honey

€ 15.00


Lamb in the Garden

Lamb chops grilled with herbs, with balsamic onion and rustic potato croquette

€ 15.00


Duck at the Theatre

Duck glazed with Amaro Cocchi sauce, rhubarb and oranges, with sautéed carrots

€ 15.00


"Poirot" beef fillet

Beef fillet wrapped in pork cheek, almonds, crunchy fried chickpeas and  Darjeeling jelly

  € 20.00

Depending on the processing, some products may be fresh, frozen or chilled.


Snails                                                                                                        Dessert

Business Lunch

discover the proposals of the lunch break at the Bistrot

from Tuesday to Saturday