Dorian Gray - Restaurant Bistrot  

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Bistro Lunch
Every day, except Sundays and Holidays , discover our proposals for the lunch break

Potato gnocchi in lemon cream, mussels, saffron and leeks 


 Artichokes risotto


Rustic spaghetti with clams and lemon

A pasta 


a main course


 Panna cotta  or  Jam tart  € 3

Wine Goblet:  Cortese di San Cristoforo or Dolcetto di Ovada - € 2

Water 50cl - € 1

Grilled swordfish with green sauce and salad 

Crispy fillet fish in semolina crust with Fried Potatoes 

Salad with Fennel, orange, strawberry, hazelnut and pinenuts